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About the UPVM


About the UPVM
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About the UPVM


The Polytechnic University of the Valley of Mexico (UPVM), is a Decentralized Public Organism of State Character, with legal personality and own inheritance, and forms part of the  Polytechnic Universities System of the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP).

It began its academic activities in September 2004, and has five collegiate bodies: the Board of Directors, which includes representatives of the Federal, State and Municipal governments, as well as the private productive sector; The Social Council; The Quality Council; The Postgraduate and Research Academic Council; And the Commission for Hiring, Promotion and Permanence of Academic Staff.

The educational model of the UPVM is aligned with the main lines of work derived from the Bologna agreements, which gave rise to the European Higher Education Area (EESS) and to the Tuning project in Latin America; Consequently, the characteristics of this model are:

  • Competency-based and learning-centered learning
  • Credits based on student work
  • Integrated assessment of competency learning and
  • Accreditation of the quality of its academic programs

In this sense, the curricular design of its careers contemplates three training cycles, at the end of which, students acquire generic and specific competences, and make stays in the public, private and social sectors; The studies are carried out in 6,000 hours (375 credits), distributed in ten to fifteen four-months periods, depending on the dedication of the student.






Gobierno del Estado de México
Avenida Mexiquense s/n, esq. Universidad
Secretaría de Educación, Universidad
Politécnica, col. Villa Esmeralda, Tultitlán. C.P.
Politécnica del Valle de México
54910 Teléfono: (0155) 50626460 E-mail:
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